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November, 2015


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November, 2015


Ilitch and Ruth reissues


Pleased to announce the reissues of PERIODIKMINDTROUBLE
and 10 SUICIDES by Superior Viaduct
and RUTH-POLAROID/ROMAN/PHOTO by Angular Recording Corp.



October, 2015


Quentin Rollet & Thierry Müller live


Le 9 octobre, Souffle Continu – Photos : Théo Jarrier


Le 21 octobre, Intants Chavirés – Photo : Laurent Orseau.



July 16, 2015


Quentin Rollet/Thierry Müller
live at Epsilonia radio show




June 2015


New release




This is the unreleased LP by DILDO + bonus tracks.

Available on ilitchmusic Bancamp




June 2015


New release


Quentin Rollet/Thierry Müller


LP on Bisou Records




May/June 2015


Quentin Rollet/Thierry Müller live at Instants Chavirés and L'Échangeur


Filmed by Annie Zivkovic


June 14, 2015


Dildo shorted out (RIP)


It was a musical experience full of promise, but ...

Soon on Bandcamp, the unreleased LP + bonus tracks


December 2014


Mojo #253


I'm Deeply moved, many thanks Mr. Tim Gane



October 21/22, 2014


Dildo recording sessions at the Auditorium, Châtenay-Malabry


Ben Ajrab : basse, noise, vocal. Cathy Heyden : sax, objets, vocal.

Automne Lajeat : violoncelle, Thierry Müller : guitar.

Sound engineer : Patrick Müller




September 11, 2014


Dildo Live at Gibus Café

Thierry Müller : guitar, Ben Ajrab : basse, Automne Lajeat : violoncelle


August 22, 2014


Ruth & Mushy



2014 – EP 12" [a+w ep002]
Limited edition of 600 handnumbered copies

(300 on pink vinyl, 300 on white vinyl), with download code

Released on [aufnahme + wiedergabe]


February 2014


Release on iTunes


Nicholas Littlemore/Thierry Müller

"Days In Vermilion Sands"


"Days In Vermilion Sands" is a selection of songs made with Nicholas Littlemore (Teenager, Pnau, Empire of The sun,…) from 2006 to 2012.


Previous on Limited Lp+Ep 12" edtion


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